Green stuff and other modelling putty Sunday, Nov 26 2006 

Hmmm, twelve days between posts. I suck. But I have a lame excuse. My typing fingers hurt.

Actually, it is both thumbs and both forefingers and they are wickedly chapped… to the point of cracking and bleeding. So how could I be expected to type, really?

This is a cautionary tale for those of you doing modelling, especially conversions. Read the warnings on the labels and take them seriously. My current injuries come from handling the putty with my fingers, while not wearing the gloves that the manufacturer suggests.

Thanks to various dumbass legal decisions south of the border, you can’t drink a coffee without getting a warning that “the beverage you are about to enjoy is hot”. Well, duh.

The end result is that normal people (take me, for example) start to consider warning labels as things that are put on products to protect companies from getting sued by grasping, venal little twerps and their lawyers for truly dubious claims that the judge should dismiss on the basis of the complainant being too stupid to be trusted with a settlement. And so… we stop paying attention. Yes, the net result is that public safety gets compromised, not improved.

Now that I am done blaming everyone but myself, let me get to the point. Read the damned instructions. The modelling putty has some nasty stuff in it that doesn’t react well with skin. The paints that you are using should not be ingested, even in the interests of getting a good point on the brush by licking it. Spray primers need to be used in a well ventilated area, preferably with a mask on.

Learning the hard way,


Blogging about Warmaster and Warhammer Monday, Nov 13 2006 

At 40, I’m maybe a bit old to be playing wargames. But here I am. I plan to write up battle reports, scenarios and reviews here. I will probably touch on different games as well, but Warmaster and Warhammer are my current favourites. Amazing, considering I used to have a major hate on for all things GW.

I plan to be playing around with some software for images and maps and the like, in support of my wife’s premarital counseling/marriage education business Things that appear on her site and blog will need to be pretty professional… so I plan to hack around here before helping her out there. Results here will likely be much less than professional!

Signing off for now,