I haven’t had much time for gaming recently, but I have been making mead.  And it seems appropriate to talk about mead in conjunction with Brettonia.  (Most of my Warhammer figs are Brettonian and I’ve got a 2000 point Warmaster Bretonnia force.)

Mead is fermented honey.  It can be like wine or beer and has been enjoying a renaissance in the last15 years or so.  Since I keep bees, I have access to honey.  Last year was my first year, so the bees got to keep all the excess but I still got a 30 lb pail of the sweet stuff from a beekeeping friend.

We only managed to eat about 12 pounds over the winter and so the rest went into about 7 gallons of mead.

There are a lot of mead-related sites out there on the Web, but finding recipes was harder than I expected.  Lots of contradictory advice.  And you just don’t know if the site owner shares you taste.  So, I experimented.

So far, the results are pretty awful.  But I also keep losing my notes, so I am going to record my recipes here.  Hopefully, with age the mead will improve and I’ll be glad that I kept the recipes.