Yes, it is more an incursion than a full on invasion. And it was time for a second battle, this time deeper into Empire territory near the freshly ploughed fields of a fortified farm.  Which is to say, I added some terrain this time.

The Empire set up with the infantry on the right, refused. The knights were all on the Imperial left near the farm, but found themselves having a hard time getting past the ploughed fields (which cause disorder to most units in Impetus).

The Imperial crossbows started strong, blasting the Chaos skirmishers in their first volley. And then they had little effect except to shoot up the berserkers, who stalled in the middle of the board and were so useless in this game that they were eventually done in by the Empire’s skirmishers.  So much for our MVPs from the first game! (And I’ve since discovered that skirmishers can’t charge, so that particular combat shouldn’t have happened.)

Meanwhile, a first knight unit charged home against a Chaos Warrior on the Chaos right who had formed shield wall. It turned into a seesaw battle, but with the support of a Marauder unit (Bondi from the Impetus Viking list) the Warriors ground the knights down and then routed them.

At this point the other two knights had cleared the fields, rallied and rode into battle. The Emperor himself led the second wave of knights against a fresh Warrior unit (Odalsbondi again) on the extreme right of the Chaos line. A third unit of knights passed behind the Emperor’s unit, and over their fallen brethren, to crush the weakened Warriors from the first fight. They began to hammer the fresh Marauders who had been the supporting unit in the first combat and who now put up a good fight on their own.

In the next turn, the Marauders pulled back out of the knights’ charge arc, while the warriors pushed the Emperor and his knights back. Deciding discretion was the better part of valour, the Emperor pulled back to rally.

At this point, the line of battle was distinctly S-shaped, with the Chaos having advanced on its left, but the Empire having charged on the Chaos right.  A fresh militia unit (halberds) slammed into the Marauders on the Chaos left, just as the Warriors on the extreme left of the Chaos line finished the crossbows on the Empire right, who did little to defend themselves. The halberdiers saved the day, taking the Chaos force over their break point.

As the battle ended, the Empire itself was just one good unit from breaking. The Chaos force was split in two, with just one savagely mauled Marauder facing the still-scrappy knights in the middle. That third unit of knights get MVP, by the way. After a slow start, disordered in the cultivated fields, they redeemed themselves by mangling the Chaos centre.  Each flank still held a full-strength Chaos Warrior, but they were facing 6 Empire units, of which 4 were completely unbloodied.

If this were Warhammer, the Chaos force would probably still win!

But not in real life and not in Impetus.