After a long break from blogging, I’ve decided to take up the keyboard again.

What’s got me interested is the wargame Impetus (or “IMPETVS”). I’ve been gluing my Warmaster bases onto larger Impetus ones and have tried out three solo games.  Later this evening, I may get my first game in against a real live human being, if Don’s boys cooperate and go to sleep at bedtime without wearing their Dad out. And next weekend, I’ll get a first crack at the game with Franaine, my usual gaming opponent.

Why no blogging for so long?

All the usual reasons: family, work, beekeeping… feeling I’ve typed enough ellipses (those …s that bloggers love so much)… and typical blogger burn out.

Felt a little bad though for my adoring public. I had a look at the stats for this blog and people have visited it in the last two years!  Yes, one day a year ago, I got seven visits from someone who was either very bored or very disappointed.  In fact, there have been visitors every couple of weeks since I last posted. Incredible.