So several weeks ago, I got an excited call from my buddy Franaine (whose name is an amalgam of his parents’ names — Frank and Madelaine). Angus Konstam of the Edinburgh Wargamers was selling three lots of Japanese and US Navy ships. What if we each picked up one lot?

Fully based and painted! No gluing little turrets to myself? A little piece of military and wargaming history? (Mr. Konstam is the author of over 60 books, including the gamers faves… Osprey!)

Sure! I’m in!

So, we each got in touch, much to Angus’ surprise. After several weeks of having the fleets for sale, he had had no interest and suddenly two separate guys in Canada want fleets.  At which point, he offered us the third fleet for just a bit more. Of course, we were up for that.

Well, I got my first look at the minis last weekend. I was giddy!

They look even better than they did on Angus’ website and he threw in a bunch of freebies. If you ever get an opportunity to buy from Angus, do it!!!

So now I am reading through General Quarters 3rd Edition and loving it.