The first game that Franaine and I played was Bretonnians vs Chaos Undivided. I was a little leery of making a fool of myself, since I hadn’t played much. F had been playing since the 80s.

Well, it was a massacre. He had masses of infantry from 20-some years of collecting. They looked great, but they broke, fled and died every time a Bretonnian lance hit them.  He was left planning “Roman checkerboard” formations for future games. Meanwhile, I left thinking how desperately I had to clean up the bases of my figs. They all looked different and some were awful. Especially the sand painted Goblin Green ones!

Well, we never did have a refight and I still haven’t fixed those bases.

Instead, we got stuck into a pile of games, starting with ‘the Revenge of Franaine’.

Game number two was an even worse massacre. Franaine brought his Dwarves, with guns, guns, guns. I think one of my knights (not units!) got into contact with a gun crew.  Those that didn’t die on the charge, broke and fled. And then rallied so they could go back and die on the second attempt.

My peasant bowmen managed to inflict a handful of casualties. Ironic, because Franaine decided that the backstory to the game was that the Dwarves, honourable beings that they are, had decided the sorry treatment of Bretonnia’s peasants was cause for the war.

He has a very cinematic view of wargaming and the backstories are very important to him. As are good paint jobs and scenery. And, of course, a rules system like Warhammer often delivers big swings in fortune, with lots of surprises and oddities.

I have to say, I agree with him.