I never much liked the name “Dan’s Warmaster”, but at least it was accurate back when I played a lot of Warmaster. Or it would have been, if I actually posted much.

So, I’ve settle on “Social War”, partly because gaming is social for me, partly as a nod to The Social War. (If you know of a better link than the Wikipedia one, do let me know. Wikipedia is great, but it would be nice to give someone else a little exposure.)

I’ve been doing a bunch of reading on Roman military history lately. Oh, I’d love to do the Social War. But time and money and common sense are prevailing.

Of course, if you desperately want to give me an army or two, they’d have a warm, loving home.

Two books I’d recommend as light reading, but heavy learning: Adrian Goldsworthy’s “Roman Warfare” and Philip Matyszak’s “Legionary: The Roman Soldier’s Unofficial Manual”.