The forces arrayed at the startI finally got the pictures posted on Flickr.  Go here to view them. There are descriptions of the flow of the battle with each picture.

Or you can click slideshow, then click show info once at the slideshow.

This was just a great game!  I enjoyed it so much, I raced home and spent $152 online at Black Tree Design for a range of medievals.  Looking forward to the day they show up.


For those not Flickr inclined. Here’s a quick recap.

We set up the usual way, but with a smaller than usual table. This may not have worked in my favour since I had light cavalry who didn’t have room to move without being showered with arrows. Of course, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, given that I set them up in the centre of my line and couldn’t get them to the flanks. I find I have a gift for being as incompetent as the historical commanders!

Franaine wanted to have a mostly infantry force, so only had one unit of mounted nobles. He also had four shooty units to my two. And he was using the Wars of the Roses Tudor list while I was using the Tudor Wars list, so my longbow weren’t as good.  However, my horse were all Bretonnians standing in as historical figures so were particularly dashing, brave and disdainful of bowfire.

At least they were before the shooting started.

Franaine pushed forward quickly and the arrows started taking out the horse FAST. In fact, it looked at the start that we might get two games in that evening, if I was up for two good trouncings.

At the same time, his troops were out of range of mine or screened by his skirmishing handgunners. Both skirmishing and using gunpowder against my horse! How thoroughly unsporting! My return fire was ineffectual against the skirmishers.

And then, things turned as they so often do in Basic Impetus. The longbow on my left took out his French mercenary crossbow and another unit, while the billmen on my right braved the gunfire to cut the skirmishers down.  The last of my four units of horse, with the General, seemed impervious to all missiles and projectiles and thundered straight at their tormentors. Oh, it was satisfying!

And then…

Another BI swing of fate: the charging general and his retainers couldn’t beat the longbows in hand to hand. My billmen were fighting admirably, but were also blocking the line of fire of half of my longbows. The other longbows had run out of targets. The other bills were slowly, so slowly trying to catch up with the general. My offensive ground to a halt. Satisfyingly, it was not just a result of the dice rolls, but because of my deployment and because of my moves. Franaine was outfighting me, pure and simple.

Worse, Franaine does this irritating thing: he keeps a reserve.

Sure enough, my general eventually routed the bowmen, only to be charged by Franaine’s horse and swept from the table.

In the end, I came within a point of breaking his force. It turned into a tense and interesting game, even though it looked like it would be a cake walk at the start. This seems to keep happening in our BI games, I am happy to report.

Happy Gaming,