Really Big Warhammer Fantasy Battle Saturday, Aug 28 2010 

WFB 8th edition, Good vs Evil, nearly 15,000 points!  Given 25 years of collecting, you too can achieve this!

Click on the picture to go to a slideshow on Picasa, which I swear I will never use again as it has got to be the most unintuitive, clunky way of handling pictures ever devised by evil imps bent on the destruction of human mental health.  Just when you think Google is poised to run everything, they prove that they too can SUCK at something!

Warhammer 8th edition: 15,000 points

And it seems equally clear that I need to figure out how to turn off’s automatically generated, possibly related posts, which are faff.

Litko Aerosystems bases Sunday, Aug 22 2010 

I just got my order of 50 80mmx40mmx.08mm plywood bases from Litko Game Accessories (formerly, Litko Aerosystems).

Wargame bases and Warmaster figures.

Goblin wolfriders keen to get onto a new Litko plywood base.

I am really impressed with them — they are laser cut, so they are absolutely straight and square. Well, they are rectangular, but the corners are square.  From purchase to arrival in at my home in Canada was just under a month, though I picked the slow, cheap shipping option.

These will be the sabots upon which I mount more Warmaster figs for use in Impetus and Basic Impetus Fantasticus.

Happy Gaming,


CyberDefender Scam Sunday, Aug 1 2010 

I just wasted a couple of hours figuring out that the CyberDefender program my dad downloaded was a scam. At least you can remove it with Add/Remove programs.

Though I am half expecting it to arise from the dead and stalk Dad’s machine forever.

The basic scam is it tells you you have a bunch of viruses. You don’t actually, but then you phone them and they try to talk you into paying for your tech to ‘fix’ your machine… for $400 in this case. VERY HARD SELL, too.

So I tried “Housecall” and lo and behold… not a single virus.

Looking through the complaints from several years ago, it appears CyberDefender was near impossible to remove from your machine. I can only assume that the Indian police were paying too much attention, as CyberDefender seems to have toned that part of their “service” down.

Of course, it may still be lurking on Dad’s machine, waiting to get even with me.

– Dan