Dan. 40 years old. Canadian, living in Victoria and loving it. Been gaming since a family friend lent me a copy of Panzer Leader at about age 14 or so.  I had a great hate on for Games Workshop, especially Warhammer Fantasy because of how unrealistic it was.  Then one day, a friend roped me into playing a game (hey, I was Jonesing for some gaming) and, worse, gave me the Bretonnian figs from the 5th Edition starter box to paint.  I played a few games and one of the guys pointed out that the beauty of Warhammer was the sheer variety of units and differences in armies.  Historical armies are pretty much limited to good/bad light/heavy cav, good or bad line infantry and skirmishers/archers, plus maybe artillery.  Warhammer has very, very, very different units and yet is mostly balanced(ish).

Then I saw Warmaster, just at a time when I was thinking I’d get into 6 mm historicals since the small figures en masse look more like real units.  And it was good.  In fact, I got my friend into it and he gave up on Warhammer he liked Warmaster so much.  He put together a regular gaming group in Ottawa and I’d join in during visits to the nation’s capital and get my butt kicked.

More years of gaming drought followed… mostly painting punctuated by a game here and there, sometimes against kids who… well, we weren’t ideal gaming buddies and the feeling was mutual.

Recently, I’ve hooked up with the husband of one of my wife’s friends and he’s been into Warhammer since the earth cooled.  So things are looking up…

Enough with the elipses,