Wars of the Roses Saturday, Jan 9 2010 

Last week’s game got me interested in the Wars of the Roses, a period I’ve never known much about.

Warhammergrimace has done a great post listing a bunch of references to get you started.  I’m currently reading J. R. Landner’s “The Wars of the Roses”, which is described on the page.

He also has a post on painting winter schemes on minis, which reminded me what a great site Brushthralls is.

– Dan


Doctor Faust’s Painting Tips Tuesday, Nov 24 2009 

Great list of painting tips here at Doctor Faust’s Painting Clinic.

I particularly like this one:

I have a good method for pinning.  Hold the joint together as you wish it to stay.  Then, using a fine marker, draw four lines (evenly spaced) across the joint.  Then, on each piece, connect the four marks and drill where “X” marks the spot.  Works every time.  You really can’t screw this one up.

– Brad Grinstead

I also like the approach of just gluing the parts together, then drilling through to pin.

– Dan

Primer on painting Monday, Nov 23 2009 

There’s a good primer on painting (that’s a painting joke… not a good one) that you can find over at AncientBattles.com: Painting101.

While you are at it, check out this fun battle report.

Timely, given that Franaine and I plan to play a Roman action with Basic Impetus next. (Or full IMPETVS if the mailman is quick about it.)

– Dan