I just wasted a couple of hours figuring out that the CyberDefender program my dad downloaded was a scam. At least you can remove it with Add/Remove programs.

Though I am half expecting it to arise from the dead and stalk Dad’s machine forever.

The basic scam is it tells you you have a bunch of viruses. You don’t actually, but then you phone them and they try to talk you into paying for your tech to ‘fix’ your machine… for $400 in this case. VERY HARD SELL, too.

So I tried “Housecall” and lo and behold… not a single virus.

Looking through the complaints from several years ago, it appears CyberDefender was near impossible to remove from your machine. I can only assume that the Indian police were paying too much attention, as CyberDefender seems to have toned that part of their “service” down.

Of course, it may still be lurking on Dad’s machine, waiting to get even with me.

– Dan