Litko Aerosystems bases Sunday, Aug 22 2010 

I just got my order of 50 80mmx40mmx.08mm plywood bases from Litko Game Accessories (formerly, Litko Aerosystems).

Wargame bases and Warmaster figures.

Goblin wolfriders keen to get onto a new Litko plywood base.

I am really impressed with them — they are laser cut, so they are absolutely straight and square. Well, they are rectangular, but the corners are square.  From purchase to arrival in at my home in Canada was just under a month, though I picked the slow, cheap shipping option.

These will be the sabots upon which I mount more Warmaster figs for use in Impetus and Basic Impetus Fantasticus.

Happy Gaming,



Why I like Impetus Tuesday, Jul 20 2010 

One of the reasons is the amazing level of support on the impetus and yahoo forums that you get from Lorenzo (the game’s designer) and others.

This message was posted on the Yahoo group recently:

Just like to say a big ‘Thank you’ Lorenzo, from all at our group who appreciate the time and effort you put into answering the questions on this forum – and answering so quickly! It must be particularly taxing for you when answering questions that would be easily answered with a closer read of the rules by the questioner. We,ve also noticed (and discussed at club) that you never put the questioner down. Not sure if my patience would be that good!

Your enthusiasm remains an inspiration. Hope we get the chance to meet you at Derby.

Please keep up the good work.

I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree!

– Dan

Basic Baroque ECW pictures and battle report Sunday, Jan 17 2010 

I’ve put our first Basic Baroque game up on flickr. The picture quality ain’t great, but it gives a feel for the game.

To view:

  • Go to the ECW photo set.
  • Then click ‘slideshow’ in the upper right.
  • Then click ‘show info’ in the upper right, to get the battle report.
  • You might need to change your options to slow it enough to read.

It was a fun game, I have to say.

Wars of the Roses Saturday, Jan 9 2010 

Last week’s game got me interested in the Wars of the Roses, a period I’ve never known much about.

Warhammergrimace has done a great post listing a bunch of references to get you started.  I’m currently reading J. R. Landner’s “The Wars of the Roses”, which is described on the page.

He also has a post on painting winter schemes on minis, which reminded me what a great site Brushthralls is.

– Dan

Basic Impetus, great game Saturday, Jan 2 2010 

I’ve gotten a bit of gaming in this holiday season. The best by far was a matchup of Tudor lists from the late Wars of the Roses period.  Man, what a great game!

We played using the free Basic Impetus ruleset. I’ve bought Impetvs, but Franaine and I are bears of very little brain and haven’t gotten around to tackling them. (Though they do look great.) In addition, they have super pictures of mostly 28 mm Black Tree Design miniatures. This got Franaine champing at the bit for more figs… and he discovered BTD is having a 50% off sale.

Being somewhat more restrained than him, I resisted the urge.

But that last game was SO good, that I immediately rushed home to fill out the ranks of my Bretonnians with some historical minis…. 152 dollars worth! Mostly crossbow, dismounted knights and spearmen.  Still debating a few bases worth of pike, though time is running out for the sale price.

I’ll get some pics and write up a battle report shortly. No, seriously.

– Dan

Cheap terrain for cow towns Friday, Nov 20 2009 

Scene for an Old West skirmish wargame.

It's quiet -- too quiet -- as the stage coach heads into town.

This picture shows what can be done to make very serviceable terrain, very cheaply.

Franaine set up this table for a “Legends of the Old West” game. The buildings are just corrugated cardboard boxes, painted with some doors and windows cut into them. The box flaps fold to make a roof and you can open them easily to put figs inside.

Leave one flap standing up on the front for the facade that so many frontier buildings had.

Basic Impetus Game Three: The Battle of Gapwood Farm Tuesday, Nov 17 2009 

In this, the battle of Gapwood Farm, half of the Vikings (Chaos Warmaster figs on Impetus-sized sabots) were drawn up in shieldwall on a hill next to a farm between two woods. The other half were in a relief column deployed on a corner of the board and would have to wait a few turns before marching to the rescue.

The Imperials advanced with their knights in the centre, screened by skirmishers, and flanked by halberds and crossbow.This time the skirmish screens played little role, inflicting no hits at all.

The first knight thundered in from the Imperial left, charging through their own skirmishers (a neat rule), and crashed into a unit of bondi (marauders). A long battle then ensued with the knights pushing back the bondi, then pursuing into the unit of bondi beside. Because the knights came in at an angle, the marauders didn’t have a unit in support during the combat, even though they were side by side. Because of successive retreat rolls, the bondi would fight, then retreat, then the knights would contact the second unit. They fought the second unit, it retreated and they advanced into the first unit again. And so it went until, at the end, the depleted knights had destroyed one unit and left the other with just a single VBU.

At this point, the Odalsbondi at the Chaos left wheeled forward, hoping to take the next unit of Empire knights in the flank as they charged up the hill. The Empire’s knights (with General) duly thundered up the hill, smashing the Viking skirmishers but rolling a two for pursuit, which left them standing right in front of two fresh units — berserkers to the front and the Odalsbondi that had just wheeled up.

The third knight moved up behind the others and the rest of the Imperials advanced along the line. The Chaos relief force finally began moving on turn four, so marched on the Imperial left.

The Chaos Gods smiled up on their minions, giving them the initiative. The Odalsbondi charged the knights, defeating them but unable to pursue enough to stay in contact. They shortly found themselves charged by halberds and pushed slowly back up the hill. The last remaining bondi turned to face the last of the knights, who wheeled ponderously toward them atop the hill, while the other knights rallied.

At this point, things were looking very precarious for the forces of Chaos. The Gods favoured them with another initiative victory, though, allowing the remaining Marauder (bondi) to move out of the knights charge arc (though becoming disordered). The tense standoff continued another turn, as the reinforcements marched ever nearer.

Then the knights and halberds thundered in to finish off all of the Vikings on the hill in a series of close battles, carving themselves a crushingly convincing victory.

The aftermath

This was the first game where I realized that impetus zero units cannot charge — so skirmishers facing each other just throw verbal taunts until something heavier wipes them out. This is not to say that skirmishers are any less useful, but it does change the way you need to use them a bit.

The shieldwalls didn’t hold as well as in the first couple of games, even defending a hill. Just luck of the draw this time, I suppose.

I really enjoy how ponderous movement is. Several times units that would have gotten in easy flank charges in Warmaster were left fighting frontally instead. However, the slow movement means that any relief forces have to show up quickly (or need some other special rule) if they are ever to get into combat.